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AMIDEAST/Egypt and Citi Foundation Launch Youth Entrepreneurship Program in Egypt

Washington, DC, and Cairo, Egypt, December 7, 2016―AMIDEAST/Egypt and Citi Foundation have announced the launch of the Youth Entrepreneurship Program, a two-year partnership aimed at providing economic opportunities that will directly impact 40 aspiring young Egyptian entrepreneurs and further benefit as many as 600 other youth.

The program will focus on building a new generation of entrepreneurs by helping them to get their business ideas off the ground. AMIDEAST is now accepting application online through its webpage,, until January 31, 2017

The Youth Entrepreneurship Program, which was designed and implemented by AMIDEAST/Egypt, is open to Egyptian youth aged 18-30 who have innovative business ideas or have just started their own business. The program provides training, access to resources, coaching and mentoring, incubation and opportunities for real-life application of the newly gained skills and knowledge.

AMIDEAST is proud to have been selected by Citi Foundation to implement the Youth Entrepreneurship Program. Together we will not only enable 40 star entrepreneurs to start businesses, but will also empower them to impact the lives of others, said Shahinaz Ahmed, AMIDEAST/Egypt country director. “Our entrepreneurs will learn to teach and will pay it forward by providing state-of-the-art entrepreneurship skills training to 600 additional youth, creating awareness about and planting the seeds for an entrepreneurship path.”

The Youth Entrepreneurship Program is part of the Citi Foundation's Pathways to Progress global approach to prepare urban youth to thrive in today's economy. Programs that make up this approach are focused on developing economic opportunities for youth through activities such as, entrepreneurship education, engagement in the formal economy through first jobs, and the acquisition of leadership, financial, and workplace skills.

‘’We are proud to partner with AMIDEAST Egypt and to invest in youth through this program to help enable economic resiliency and long term competitiveness in our country,’’ said Nadir Shaikh, Citi country officer, Egypt. ‘’We continue to support programs that catalyze economic growth and provide our youth with economic opportunities to thrive and promote continued progress in Egypt.’’

As part of the Pathways to Progress initiative, the Citi Foundation commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to study how cities around the world support young people’s ambitions and contribute to their economic prospects.  The study revealed that 74% of respondents in the Middle East and Africa want to start a business and work for themselves.

Further details and application information can be found here:

Nadir Shaikh, Citi country officer for Egypt (left), and Shahinaz Ahmed, AMIDEAST’s country director for Egypt


Do you dream of studying at the undergraduate level at Stanford University or the University of Chicago?

AMIDEAST is now accepting applications for the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program. To apply visit


Do you dream of a Master’s degree from Harvard, Stanford or MIT but do not have the funding?

Your dream can become a reality with the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program. AMIDEAST is now accepting applications for the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program. Successful candidates may pursue their studies in the following two fields only: Master’s of Business Administration and Master’s of Construction Management.

To apply visit



Meet our "Women @ Work" Graduate, Rehab Adel

While challenges to keep rising in Egypt against youth employment in general, the Central Agency of Public Mobilization and Statistics revealed that the unemployment rate among women is four times that of men. Funded by the International Labour Organization “ILO” and implemented by AMIDEAST, the “Women @ Work” program comes to arm Egypt’s women to overcome these challenges by providing the necessary skills to succeed in their job hunting and prosper in their future jobs.

The program provides intensive training of empowering, challenging and developing future female community leaders. Throughout the program, the participants develop their skills, personalities, thoughts, ability to receive knowledge and transfer it to others.

When Rehab enrolled at the “Women @ Work” program, she had thought she still have a long way to go before she gets a decent job. “Never expected I’ll get there so fast” Rehab said after accepting her first job offer as HR Administrator at a local packaging company in Cairo, three weeks after completing the program.

For the duration of two months Rehab and her peers mastered new soft and technical skills that they hadn’t access to in the past. Skills allowed Rehab to seize the first opportunity that came across her way get hired. A big part of Rehab’s focus is now directed at pursuing a master’s degree in the Business Administration field. “That is the dream, and I have the self-confidence to achieve it” Rehab said. She is now looking for another scholarship opportunity to achieve her dream. “The program made me believe more in myself and my capabilities” Rehab concludes.