Learn & Serve in Tunisia


Tuition and fees for this program will be posted once AMIDEAST chooses to resume programs in Tunisia. Please view costs section of the Jordan or Morocco programs to get a sense of the typical cost of an AMIDEAST program.

Tuition and fees include:

  • Pre-departure preparation

  • All courses

  • All-inclusive on-site orientation

  • Housing

  • Program-organized excursions

Program Management

AMIDEAST- Education in Tunisia

The program is managed by AMIDEAST/Tunisia in conjunction with AMIDEAST headquarters in Washington, D.C. AMIDEAST works collaboratively with the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research & Technology to oversee implementation of the program. It also manages all logistical elements of the program, including the on-site orientation during the Learn portion of the program, arrangements for excursions, and the planning of special events and extra-curricular activities.

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Other Program Information


Upon arrival in Tunis, Learn & Serve program students participate in a one-and- a half day orientation designed as an introduction to Tunisian culture and daily life and the logistics of the program. The orientation combines structured informational sessions with organized activities. Topics such as safety and health, family life in Tunisia, cultural adjustment, program regulations, participant responsibilities and other essential information are all discussed during orientation. An essential part of the orientation is the beginning of Tunisian Arabic classes.

Academic Calendar

Sample Calendar:

Below is a sample of an academic calendar for the Tunisia Learn & Serve Program to demonstrate the structure of the program.


TUNISIA: Learn & Serve

Friday, May 31

Students Depart for Tunisia

Saturday, June 1

Students Arrive

Academic Information

Students enrolled in Learn & Serve take two academic courses - Tunisian Society and Culture: Locating Tunisia and either Colloquial Tunisian Arabic I, II or III (depending on previous background in Arabic).

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Program Information

Participants in the six and a half-week Learn & Serve 2011 program will learn about the Arab and Islamic cultures of Tunisia and serve as Language & Cultural Fellows at the Language Village.

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