AMIDEAST Education Abroad Staff

AMIDEAST Education Abroad Programs in the Arab World are administered by a collaborative team of Field Office and Washington, D.C. Headquarters staff. This team of education abroad professionals provides AMIDEAST students with health & safety, academic, language acquisition, intercultural development, cultural adjustment, and logistical support. In addition to student support, these staff members work with local faculty to develop quality Arabic and Area Studies courses.

Elena Corbett, Director in Washington, D.C.

Elena first set foot in Jordan more than 20 years ago as an undergraduate on an archaeological field project in Aqaba.  It was the beginning of countless life-long obsessions, both personal and professional. 

She holds a Ph.D. from the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago, where she specialized in the history of the modern Middle East, particularly the narratives woven by archaeology and related sciences in contexts of colonialism, nationalism, capitalism, and resistance.  Her book, Competitive Archaeology in Jordan:  Narrating Identity from the Ottomans to the Hashemites, was published by the University of Texas Press in 2014. 

Prior to AMIDEAST, Elena was Center Director at CIEE in Amman for almost 5 years.  Before that, she was on an academic career path at both Penn State University Erie and the U.S. Naval Academy, where she was involved in numerous initiatives to get students to study abroad in the region, including program and curriculum design and implementation.  A former CASA, ACOR, CAORC, and Fulbright DDRA fellow and the first program coordinator for CLS in Jordan, Elena is deeply passionate about mentorship and enabling for others the same kinds of opportunities that have been so critical on her own journey.  As much as she loves and misses the classroom, writing, and being engaged in academic fieldwork, she finds great meaning and fulfillment in getting students studying abroad in the Middle East.

Tineka Lebrun, Coordinator in Washington, D.C.

Tineka has been working in education and international programs for over 15 years. She started her career as an English teacher in France, where she taught at a variety of institutions including the American University of Paris, where she also earned her TESOL certification.  She moved from teaching to higher education administration in 2004 when she worked at Franklin & Marshall College coordinating extracurricular programs in the arts.  Her work with study abroad began at Georgetown University in 2007 where she served in a number of roles including advising for student studying in the Middle East and North Africa.  Prior to coming to AMIDEAST, she worked for the Institute of International Education as the Outreach Program Officer for the Boren Awards. She holds a BA from New York University and a Master’s from Queen Mary College, University of London and has been working with AMIDEAST since the fall of 2015. 

Shino Yoshen, Senior Program Officer in Washington, D.C.

Shino graduated from American University in 2011 with a B.A. in International Studies, a concentration in Peace and Conflict Resolution, and a minor in Arabic. Shino first fell in love with Arabic and knew she wanted to work on issues related to the Middle East when she traveled in Egypt, Jordan and Israel by bicycle in 2003. Her experiences connecting with the people and culture in this region served as her first inspiration to help other young people access this remarkable part of the world. In 2007 Shino's love of travel and learning took her on a second long-distance bicycle trip from Kenya to South Africa. Although Shino gained much from her travels, she began to yearn for the type of deep culture-learning that comes from living in a foreign culture for an extended period of time.

As a Boren Scholar, Shino spent the 2009-10 academic year in Rabat, Morocco on the AMIDEAST program. This first organized study abroad experience opened Shino's eyes to the possibility of realizing her aspirations from her first bike trip in 2003 - helping people have the opportunity to experience the Middle East / North Africa first-hand. After interning at AMIDEAST Headquarters in Washington D.C., Shino joined the AMIDEAST team as a Program Assistant in June 2011.

Christina Gordon, Program Assistant in Washington, D.C.

Christina graduated from Kenyon College in 2012 with a bachelor’s in Political Science and Modern Languages, specializing in Spanish and French.  She first studied abroad as a high school exchange student in Sicily and quickly fell in love with cross-cultural learning, language studies, and international education.  As a result, Christina has studied in Italy, Morocco, Peru, and Jordan; in addition to being the US host sister to three high school exchange students.

Christina’s first exposure to the Arabic-speaking world was in 2007 when she spent a gap year studying in Sicily.  She discovered the lasting impact of Arab civilization on the island and began to focus her interests on the development of cultural identities, which later became the core of her research across other parts of the world.  Christina began her Arabic studies as a student in AMIDEAST’s Intensive Summer Arabic Program in Morocco and continued there as a semester student.  After graduating from Kenyon College, Christina came to Jordan as a participant in the Critical Language Scholarship Program in 2012 and returned in 2013 as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. 

Christina began working with AMIDEAST in Washington, DC in the winter of 2013.  While on the Fulbright grant in Jordan during the 2013-2014 academic year, she began working in the AMIDEAST/Jordan office and later joined the Education Abroad team upon completion of her grant.  Christina served as the Senior Program Officer and Acting Program Manager for Education Abroad in Amman for a year before returning to Washington, DC to pursue a graduate degree.  In addition to working with the Education Abroad team at AMIDEAST, Christina studies at George Washington University’s Elliott School for International Affairs with a focus on Global Gender Policy.

Jade Graddy, Program Assistant in Washington, D.C.

Jade graduated from the University of Washington in 2014 with a B.A. in Linguistics and Human Rights. Prior to entering university, Jade pursued a gap year with an AmeriCorps program to serve as a volunteer literacy tutor for English language learning students in Seattle’s most prominent immigrant and refugee community. This experience not only informed her studies but also inspired her to engage in Arabic coursework and travel internationally during her senior year of college on a human rights-themed program in Rabat, Morocco.

Jade’s study abroad experience sparked a love of travel and intercultural learning, with a particular focus on the MENA region. Following her graduation, she spent three months in the West Bank city of Nablus as an intern for Tomorrow’s Youth Organization where she led psychosocial development lessons for youth living in refugee camps as well as a professional development seminar at An-Najah National University. Upon her return she applied her experiences as a Programs Intern with a Seattle-based, UNICEF-partner organization called Literacy Bridge to promote access to critical maternal health information for women living in rural Ghana.

During the 2015-2016 academic year, Jade taught English in Amman, Jordan through a Fulbright grant, pursuing various community engagement projects including coordinating an athletic camp for girls, facilitating English courses for displaced Sudanese adult learners, and supporting operations for an annual conference for investigative journalists in the Arab world. She joined the AMIDEAST team in August 2016.

Dr. Khaled Abuamsha, Arabic Studies Consultant

Dr. Khaled Abuamsha is Academic Director for Modern Standard Arabic at the Qasid Arabic Institute and serves as Qasid's point-person to provide Arabic language guidance for all AMIDEAST programs. Since 1997, Dr. Abuamsha has been teaching and giving lectures at various academic institutions, including the International Islamic University in Malaysia, the University of Jordan, and Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, where he was a visiting professor at the Department of Asian and Near Eastern Languages for most of 2012.  Dr. Abuamsha holds a PhD in curriculum development and methods of teaching Arabic as a second language and is finishing his second PhD in linguistics.  His research interests include proficiency measurement, methods of foreign language teaching, teacher training, foreign language program evaluationand curriculum design.  He has written more than 20 books and papers and participated in several international conferences pertaining to Arabic teaching and linguistics. Dr. Abuamsha has been working with AMIDEAST since 2009.

Dr. Sara Ababneh, Academic Coordinator in Amman, Jordan

Dr. Sara Ababneh is an assistant professor and researcher at the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan, where she coordinates the service learning program and the Arab Barometer. Dr. Ababneh taught courses on Middle Eastern politics, gender, and international relations theory at the University of Jordan and at various colleges at the University of Oxford. In addition, she served as the faculty host of the CIEE Interdisciplinary Faculty Development Seminar entitled “Jordan: Women and Gender in Light of the Arab Spring” in the summer of 2013. After receiving a BSc in Politics and Economics from Earlham College in Indiana and an MScEcon in International Politics, at the University of Wales, Aberystywth, Dr. Ababneh earned her DPhil in Politics and International Relations at St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford in 2009.  Her dissertation was a study of female Islamists in Hamas in occupied Palestine and the Islamic Action Front in Jordan. Currently she is studying the popular Jordanian protest movement (al hirak al shabi al urduni), the Jordanian Personal Status Law reform in terms of gender and class, and EU-Jordanian Relations

Samar Halabi, Arabic Coordinator and Instructor in Amman, Jordan

Ms. Samar Halabi has been teaching students of various ages since 1997. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Jordan in 1988 and began her teaching career with children as a playgroup kindergarten and primary teacher. Her experience in teaching the Arabic language began in 2006 as a teacher at the International Community School, where she tutored students the Arabic language as a second language and helped integrate students with special needs into the curriculum as she was studying to get her M.A in special education. Halabi went on to become a teacher at the Berlitz Center in Amman, where she not only taught and planned lessons, but also took part in interviews, conducted placement tests, and tested and graded the students for their final reports. For a short time, Halabi returned to teaching at the International Community School as a teacher, where she taught Arabic as a first and a second language and helped in establishing a solid curriculum. She began working at the Qasid Arabic Institute in 2011 as an Arabic Language Instructor and supervisor for AMIDEAST Arabic courses. She teaches Arabic for non-native speakers at all proficiency levels, including Jordanian Colloquial and Media Arabic. Most of all appreciates and respects diversity and has a strong passion for teaching which shows in her day to day classes.

Myrna Al Tall, Program Manager in Amman, Jordan

Myrna received her degree in Applied Linguistics from the Jordan University of Science and Technology in 2005. After graduating, Myrna began her intercultural experience working for the U.S. Peace Corps in Jordan. Myrna held several different positions with the Peace Corps. She started as a Language and Cross-Cultural Facilitator and then served as a Youth Development Program & Training Assistant and Gender Coordinator where she trained and supported Peace Corps Volunteers in intercultural skills. In this position, Myrna also worked to build strong relations with community members. Myrna went on to become the Acting Regional Manager for the Peace Corps in the Ajlun Governate, where she identified and prepared worksites and housing for the volunteers. She also served as the primary point of contact for volunteers in that region of the country. Myrna’s most recent work included working as the Grants Coordinator, managing the Small Project Assistance grant between USAID and the Peace Corps in Jordan.

Myrna is excited to bring her skills and experience to continue working in an intercultural environment and to be a part of AMIDEAST’s team in Jordan. Myrna has been working with AMIDEAST since the fall of 2015.

Nour Darwazeh, Senior Program Officer in Amman, Jordan

Nour grew up, moving between the Middle East and the United States which allowed her to see the world from a unique perspective from an early age. While studying to get her BA in Applied Arts and Graphic Design, she was introduced to the field of inter-cultural learning and global education which quickly became her second passion.  This led her to volunteer and work opportunities with several different study abroad programs in Jordan including with AMIDEAST in 2009. After graduating from college, she moved back to the United States and worked as a cultural facilitator for a variety of universities. In 2014, she moved to Morocco to work as a program leader on short-term cultural programs for American students visiting Morocco from Spain. In the summer of 2016, after a rich and memorable experience in Morocco, Nour moved back to Jordan and joined the AMIDEAST team as a Senior Program Officer in June 2016. 

Omar Tuguz, Program Officer in Amman, Jordan

Omar started working with AMIDEAST in June 2014 with the Educational Testing department, where he assisted  with the TOFEL and English language placement exams. Later in the year, Omar assisted with the Training department, Coordinating class schedule, preparing English classes materials in addition to English language exam proctoring. In 2015 Omar joined the Educational Abroad department as n intern, assisting with cultural activities, language learning and student affairs issues. In June 2016, Omar rejoined the Educational Abroad team as the Program Officer, overseeing extra-curricular aspects of the program and providing essential logistical arrangements.

Ghassan Tlili, Program Officer in Amman, Jordan

Ghassan Tlili moved to Amman, Jordan early 1980’s with grandparents from Lebanon and has lived in Jordan since that time. Ghassan attended high school in Amman and received his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Petra. While studying, Ghassan worked with the U.S. Peace Corps in Jordan as an Administrative and Medical Assistant. Ghassan has a passion for humanitarian work and has volunteered with Operation Smile in Jordan, where he served as a translator for the medical team and took photographs for the organization. In addition, Ghassan also worked as a Community Mobilizer for Save the Children helping displaced children from surrounding countries locate a safe environment. In his free time, Ghassan likes to go on road trips with his wife and friends around historical sites in Jordan. Ghassan has been working with AMIDEAST since the spring of 2017. 

Dr. Rachid Touhtou, Academic Coordinator and Professor in Rabat, Morocco

Dr. Rachid Touhtou earned his first Master’s degree in 1999 in Teaching Pedagogies, Applied Linguistics, and English as a Foreign Language Teaching from the École Normale Supérieure in Rabat. His second master’s degree was earned in 2003 in Gender Studies, Linguistics, and Development Studies from the Sidi Mohamed Ibn Abdellah University (Fez) and the Free University of Amsterdam’s Cultural Studies Department. From the same university, he attained a PhD in Gender and Development Studies. Dr. Touhtou began his professional career as an Assistant Professor at the National School of Statistics and Applied Economics in Rabat in 2008, which he continues to teach. From 2010-2012, he was the Department Head of the Social Sciences, Communication, and Languages department. In 2009, he started lecturing on Civil Society, Gender, and Migration at various institutions including the Dutch Institute in Morocco, the Moroccan American Commission for Education and Cultural Exchange, and the Center for Cross Cultural Learning. Dr. Touhtou has published several publications and a book about civil society and gender dynamics in Morocco. In 2014, he was a research fellow with Arab Reform Initiative Think Tank in Paris working on research linked to volunteering and public policy in Morocco. In 2015, He was a fellow researcher in Humphrey School of Public affairs in Minnesota University in USA and in Cambridge University in the UK working on a research project related to human rights and civil society.

Dr. Mohamed Ismaili-Aloui, Arabic Coordinator in Rabat, Morocco

Dr. Mohamed Ismaili Alaoui received a Doctorate in Applied Linguistics and Teaching of Arabic for non-native speakers from Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences in Meknes, Morocco.  Prior to receiving his degree, Dr. Ismaili Alaoui was the head of a research group looking at “Applied Linguistics and Information and Communication Technology” at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, in Meknes (2004-2010). Since finishing his doctorate, he has served as an Associate Professor in linguistics disciplines at universities around Morocco including at Sultan Moulay Ismail University (2007-2010), in the Faculty of Letters in Meknes, Morocco (2011-2012), and at the Faculty of Letters in Beni Mellal, Morocco (2012-2015). In recent years he has also served as an Associate Professor at the Sultan Moulay Sliman University and Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI), Morocco.  At AUI, Dr. Ismaili Alaoui was an Assistant Professor and trainer in the “Arabic and North African Studies” program, where he taught Arabic to non-native speakers. He also has served as Director of Arabic Language program for non-native speakers at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences in Beni Mellal, Morocco.

Dr. Ismaili Alaoui serves as the director of the Moroccan scientific journal Linguistics and Discourse Analysis and is certified by ISESCO to train Arabic Language teachers for non-native speakers in the Africa and Asia.  Dr. Mohamed Ismaili Alaoui has published many articles and spoken at a variety of international conferences on teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. Dr. Ismaili joined the AMIDEAST team in Morocco as the Arabic Coordinator and Professor of Arabic in 2016.

Alex Novelli, Director of Programs in Rabat, Morocco

Alex Novelli has served as the Director of Programs for AMIDEAST in Rabat, Morocco since January 2014, managing the Study Abroad and English Language programs. Alex has extensive experience with nonprofit management, education and training, and he has worked in Morocco, the U.S. and Spain. Alex's first experience living abroad was on a semester in Spain, during which he traveled to Morocco. To this day, crossing the Strait of Gibraltar by boat (in either direction) retains the thrill of that first voyage.

After a decade of working in marketing and nonprofit program management in New York City and Washington, D.C., Alex moved to Morocco and joined AMIDEAST as an English teacher from 2002-2003. From 2004-2006 he worked as a marketing consultant and English teacher in Madrid, Spain. 

Immediately prior to joining AMIDEAST as Director of Programs in Rabat, Alex worked in the Education and Training division of NeighborWorks America, in Washington, D.C. and as a consultant based in Morocco for Kidsave International. Now, Alex manages the day-to-day activities for the Education Abroad team and the English Language Program, and ensures the quality of programs and services offered at AMIDEAST. Novelli earned his Master's degree in 2007 in Teaching from the University of Maryland University College, and he holds a B.A. in History with a minor in Spanish from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Doha Ait Ahmed, Program Officer for Student Services in Rabat, Morocco

Doha Ait Ahmed has extensive experience in helping students of all ages and interests discover Arabic and Moroccan culture. Her origins go back to Agadir, a city in Southern Morocco famous for its beautiful beaches and strong Amazigh (Berber) influence. Doha earned her B.A. in English from Ibnou Zouhr University, making English the fifth language she has mastered.

Doha began her profession in international education with the U.S. Peace Corps in Morocco, where she taught Tashelhit (an Amazigh dialect), coordinated homestays, and provided cross-cultural training. During this time, she also spent her summers working with youth volunteers at training and development centers in Fez. Doha joined AMIDEAST in the summer of 2008 as a group leader facilitating high school students’ intercultural experience. The following semester she taught Moroccan Arabic, oversaw cross-cultural training, and organized program excursions. In 2009, after teaching and facilitating program activities, Doha expanded her expertise to include assisting with the planning and design of various Education Abroad programs at AMIDEAST. She has since held a number of roles with Education Abroad at AMIDEAST, from training new staff to supervising curriculum development to designing and leading student orientations. She also authored various texts and a book for teaching Moroccan Arabic, Darija, and compiled the Wharton Arabic Book Lauder Institute Arabic and Culture

In summer 2013, Doha worked as the Institute Director for Critical Language Scholarship in Rabat where she oversaw the flow of all aspects of the program: academics, language and cultural activities, and cultural excursion throughout Morocco. Currently Doha is the Program Officer for Student Services in Rabat, where she helps students adapt to Morocco and enjoy their experience abroad. She is dedicated to the expansion and continued improvement of AMIDEAST Education Abroad Programs.

Colleen Daley, Program Officer for Intercultural Learning in Rabat, Morocco

Colleen, a former Peace Corps volunteer, has a strong passion for social justice, youth engagement, languages, religious and cross-cultural dialogue.  She earned a BA in English and Faith, Peace, and Justice from Boston College, where she first came to love the MENA region as a study abroad student in Spain in 2005, and she has been traveling and living in the region ever since.  After serving in the Peace Corps in a small town outside of Marrakech, Morocco, Colleen worked on short-term exchanges for American students visiting Morocco from Spain, and led a summer-long NSLI-Y program for high-school-aged Americans learning Arabic in Marrakech. 

In 2013, Colleen completed her Master’s in Intercultural Communication (ICC) at the University of Pennsylvania where she collaborated closely with faculty and students to design a new graduate level course that focuses on training design and experiential learning. Colleen continued her study of Arabic at Penn and received a Critical Language Scholarship in the summer of 2012 to study MSA and khaliji dialect for a summer in Salalah, Oman. In the summer of 2013, she spent time in Lebanon studying the shami dialect of Arabic. After graduating from Penn, Colleen worked with Global Experiences, which facilitates internships all over the world for US and international students. Colleen comes to AMIDEAST by way of CorpsAfrica/Maroc, a Moroccan non-profit designed to give young Moroccans the chance to volunteer for a year in high-poverty, rural communities in their own country. Colleen has been working with AMIDEAST since 2015.

Rachid Slimany, Program Specialist in Rabat, Morocco

Rachid Slimany is a Program Specialist and home stay manager for AMIDEAST Education Abroad Programs in Morocco.  Rachid was born in Essaoiura and spent much of his youth as a member and a trainer of the wind/kite surfing team of the city.  In 2006, he graduated from Ibn Zohr University in Agadir with a degree in Spanish studies. 

Rachid joined AMIDEAST in 2006 as a Program Assistant and began to oversee the host family aspect of AMIDEAST programs.  Rachid works with incoming students to match them with a complementary local family and then continues to manage host family-student relationships over the course of each program.  

In addition to his work with host families, Rachid also assists with other aspects of the Education Abroad progam in Rabat including managing Moodle (an online resource for courses) and facilitating some aspects of orientation.  Rachid maintains strong links with many national and international organizations in Rabat, which helps him in his role managing volunteer placements for the Community  Based Learning course.  Finally, in addition to his work on regular Education Abroad Programs, Rachid also works with short-term customized programs, overseeing their host family experiences and providing logistical support during their time in Morocco. 

Nabila Jaber, Program Specialist in Rabat, Morocco

Nabila Jaber serves as Program Specialist for Education Abroad and Exchanges at AMIDEAST Rabat. In this position she works on program development and implementation for American students, and also manages all aspects of the YES program for Moroccans going to the U.S. Prior to this position, Nabila served for six years as the Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant for AMIDEAST Morocco.

Nabila earned her B.A. in 2008 in Communication & Marketing from the Institute for Leadership and Communication Studies in Rabat. Prior to joining AMIDEAST in 2011, Nabila worked for the High Atlas Foundation as a Training Center Coordinator in Morocco. In this position she organized and coordinated logistics for training and community-based workshops in participatory development for Moroccan and American university students.

Nabila has also spent time volunteering with AIESEC Morocco, which facilitates international internships for Moroccan and international students. Nabila was an International Trainee in the Nour Program- AIESEC Netherlands during summer 2007. The Nour project attempts to foster understanding between young people from both the Middle East/North Africa region and the Netherlands. The program promotes cultural diversity and, more importantly, understanding of the similarities between different cultures. Through her previous experiences working as a Freelance Project Assistant with event management companies, Nabila has developed a strong sense of customer service, project management, and coordination.  

Amal Tahboub, Program Officer in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Amal Tahboub serves as Program Officer for AMIDEAST Education Abroad Programs in U.A.E.  Amal grew up in Doha, Qatar and has been part of a mutli-cultural society such as the expatriate community that lives in Gulf cities like Doha, Qatar.

Amal graduated from Birzeit University in Ramallah, West Bank with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2006. During her studies, she volunteered in the exchange student program office ‘PAS” office at the university. She started by doing administrative work and then became interested in welcoming the new students to campus and giving them a tour around the city of Ramallah which is rich in culture and history, and helping them understand the Arabic culture, language, lifestyle and more. This passion for her international exchange led her to her current position with Education Abroad programs at AMIDEAST.

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